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Bob Reina Announces the Implementation of WebRTC technology with its Live Meetings Products

There are very few people who have not heard of Talk Fusion. It is a leading video marketing company with its presence in major countries around the world for over a decade. Recently, in an online broadcast, the CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, announced the release of the advanced version of their Live Meetings products that will be powered by WebRTC technology.


Live Meetings allow its users to organize virtual meetings and give presentations seamlessly with over 500 participants at one go. The new version will not require the participants to download Flash Player or any other third-party plug-ins before using their services. The users will be able to use the new tool directly from their browser making the process much more comfortable. The sound and the video quality will also be much better and with better security. Bob Reina said that there is no better technology than what WebRTC provides and using it will help them improve their offerings to their users.


Bob Reina was a respected police officer for many years before he came to know about network marketing in 1990 and decided to try it. He took it as a part-time job and started to indulge in direct selling. He soon began making more money than he had previously thought. It led him to leave his job and become an entrepreneur. It was in 2004 that he wanted to send a small video to his friends but was not able to do it. With the help of one of his IT friend, he created a system using which video files could be easily attached to emails. It was then he decided to create a company and named it Talk Fusion in 2007 that is very successful today.


It is the passion and hard work of Bob Reina that Talk Fusion has been able to set new trends in the technology industry. He wants to help other businesses and marketers to reach their full potential by providing them with advanced products that will help them reach out to more customers not just within their location but outside of their country as well. Learn more:


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