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Enhancing Security With Wireless Containment Systems From Securus Technologies

You will be amazed by the number of crimes arranged using cell phones. Luckily, Securus Technologies has been on the forefront to help authorities fight these offenses. Why is this technology needed in certain institutions? Well, contraband items, cell phones included, find their way in jails and prisons very easily. Since 2016, about 1.7 million cases have been reported and were intercepted or prevented with the help of Securus Technology. These contraband cell phones in the hands of inmates are a huge security threat but the use of Securus wireless containment solutions has rendered them impractical.


Robert Johnson’s Cell Phone Crime Review


Robert Johnson is a hero who has fought against cell phone crimes in prison. He is a former correctional officer who, unfortunately, was a target of a cell phone crime and has since sworn to protect other people from a similar ordeal. Despite the pain that he faced, his story has been a revolution in the correctional system for seven years now.


Back in 2010, Robert was a jubilant officer at the Lee Correctional Institution based in South Carolina. He was tasked with ridding-off contraband, and he had diligently served this duty for close to 15 years. Unfortunately, it is in his 15th year that things took an unexpected turn. Johnson was a no-nonsense officer in executing his duties. As a result, he often clashed with inmates who had contraband in the facility. This drew a target on his back that ultimately saw him attacked and get shot at his home.


It was no sheer coincidence. Two weeks before this fateful day, Johnson had led a team of officers that had intercepted a $50,000 worth of contraband package belonging to a prison gang, little did he know that he would be the focus of their retaliation. He was shot six times but miraculously refused to die. How could they have orchestrated such a sinister move behind bars? That was the question of many. Well, it is simple; they used a contraband cell phone to contract a hit man who did the dirty work.


Wireless Containment Systems


Luckily, wireless containment systems have been introduced in most correctional facilities to restrict the use of contraband cell phones. They operate by creating a local cellular network that screens all calls within that local network. In turn, officers like the unfortunate Robert Johnson can prevent any unauthorized calls from the facility. Better yet, they can also detect any info about illegal cell phones in the network’s vicinity.


These systems eliminate or control the threat of contraband mobile devices in jails and prisons. Without them, it becomes increasingly easy to curb a myriad of heinous acts that emanate from unauthorized communication in correctional facilities that could lead to ordered kidnaps and assassinations. Besides, these illegal cell phones in these institutions are a safety risk to employees, like in the case of Robert Johnson.


To date, these wireless containment systems have proven to be of more good than harm. They eliminate the chances of inmates using unauthorized mobile devices to cause havoc in the society. The security of everyone in and out of the correctional facility is protected by allowing only the authorized devices onto the network.

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