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Fabletics Emerges as Top Apparel Company in Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive around. With companies such as Amazon controlling 20% of the market, it can be quite difficult for some retailers to be profitable. While the odds may seem a bit long for some retailers, one of the newest companies to emerge as among the most competitive is Fabletics. This is a new company that specializes in selling a number of women’s athletic apparel products. What has made Fabletics a leading fashion company is its combination of a reverse showroom technique and also a subscription model. These two aspects have allowed Fabletics to become one of the top retailers in the fashion industry. Under the direction of founder Kate Hudson, Fabletics strives to provide the most stylish and affordable women’s athletic apparel on the market.


During its first few years of existence, Fabletics has been able to stand out among the competition due to its reverse showroom technique. The way this works is that it allows consumers to browse products online and then purchase them at physical store locations. By using this approach, the company has been able to make a lot of sales and very high revenues. Over the last few years, Fabletics has used this technique in order to promote itself as well as showcase all of its available products. The reverse showroom technique has therefore made Fabletics one of the most effective companies in converting browsing into sales.


Another key to the success of Fabletics is its subscription model. Whenever a consumer purchases items from the site or at a physical location, it is then offered to sign up for a monthly subscription. This allows consumers to buy products on a monthly basis. Taking advantage of this subscription model will allow customers to receive discounts and purchase merchandise in bulk. Like the reverse showroom technique, this has proven to be very effective at generating a lot of sales and high profits on a consistent basis for the company.


Founder Kate Hudson had a vision for making a top apparel company. Since she was quite physically active, she was looking to provide consumers with quality athletic apparel. Therefore, she came up with the idea for a line of athletic apparel for women. As well as making apparel that was well designed, she also wanted to make it affordable for many women. Kate put together the line of apparel and launched it a few years ago. Whenever consumers are looking to get the apparel offered by Fabletics, they are encouraged to take the lifestyle quiz. This allows consumers the opportunity to find and determine which apparel will be best suited for their needs.

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