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NewsWatch TV Review Helped Saygus Exceed Its Sales Goals

NewsWatch is a broadcast media company that produces a weekly television show airing on ION and AMC Networks. The show covers entertainment news content from over 200 markets. Additionally, they work with companies to create videos that promote and review their products. These videos are promoted online and are sometimes aired on its television program. NewsWatch has produced videos for companies of all sizes operating in all types of industries. Some notable clients include Audi, Outback, and Sony. These campaigns have resulted in enormous increases in earnings and awareness for many of its clients.

Two of NewsWatch TV’s most popular segments are its Tech Report and AppWatch. These segments focus on finding and reviewing new consumer technology and apps. NewsWatch TV Reviews also has a strong online presence. It is active on the biggest social media sites and has a blog that gives viewers up-to-date industry news.


One of NewsWatch’s successful campaigns was a video campaign it ran for the company Saygus. Saygus is a smartphone manufacturer, and it hired NewsWatch to promote its new line of smartphones and its Indiegogo campaign. For the campaign, NewsWatch created product reviews that were filmed and produced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. These videos aired on National TV and were also promoted through online campaigns. By partnering with NewsWatch Saygus was able to raise $1.3 million in their Indiegogo campaign, exceeding their goal by $300,000. After the campaign, NewsWatch TV checked in with the Head of Marketing and PR at Saygus, Tim Rush, to see how he enjoyed working with NewsWatch. Rush recommended working with NewsWatch and praised its ability to create professional-grade videos, deliver a message that spoke to Saygus’ audience, and time the campaign perfectly to drive sales. He also loved how easy it was to work with NewsWatch, as they listened to the company’s needs

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