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Orange Coast College Rowers : Tough Competitors

The rowing team from Orange Coast College can often be seen practicing at Newport Beach. This elite rowing team has won a staggering 11 Rowing National Titles in its history. When the rowers work together, it appears like a well oiled piece of finer machinery. Teamwork makes a huge difference in rowing competitions. Every team member has to work in tandem to achieve a win. Orange Coast College rowing team was poised to win their 12th title last May. As always, the team prepared by arduous practices and optimistic mindsets. It does take a lot of muscle to engage competitively in this sport. Learn more:


Along with muscles, OCC rowing team also depended on their team’s brains. These coxswains are the team members that sit at the back of each boat. They are the ones calling out instructions to the rowers. It may seem serene and peaceful when watching these boats at a distance. In reality, each rower is straining hard to perform their best. It is hard to hear with the sound of water birds and the ocean noise. Coxswains are responsible for steering their boats to the finish line. It is not surprising that some talented rowers have made it all the way to the Olympics.


While Orange Coast College is known for their prowess in sports, the college is just as dedicated towards providing excellent educational programs. The students are urged to do their best in both team sports and educational pursuits. This community college has been going strong since the year 1948. With 135 career choice options, students have an awesome amount of exciting programs to pick from. Since Costa Mesa offers stunning stretches of sandy beaches near the college, students are often seen relaxing near the ocean during class breaks. This phenomenal community college seems like a dreamy paradise.


Orange Coast College officials take education and sports very seriously. This school maintains an intimate feeling campus with outstanding bigger school opportunities. OCC prepares students for future life outside of school. School pride remains high, and Orange Coast College students have much to celebrate each year.


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