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OSI: Ensuring The Quality of Food the Brands they Supply

OSI is a global supplier of food products to large food service and retail food brands. In 1909, OSI originated as the meat market of a Chicago butcher named Otto Kolschowsky. His company grew and expanded to include his sons, so in 1928, it became known as Otto & Sons. In 1955, Otto & Sons supplied meat patties for McDonald’s. Today, OSI is one of the largest privately held companies bringing in annual revenues of $3 billion.Today, OSI supplies meat patties, bacon, pork, hot dogs, pizza, fish, poultry, vegetable and dough products to the food chains, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway and Starbucks. OSI also supplies chains with private label foods and co-packs items for foodservice and retail customers.OSI operates in 17 countries, 65 facilities and employs 20,000 people. OSI has the capabilities to make custom food products and to manage a global food supply chain via processing and distribution. Their capabilities lie in the available resources in the following areas:

  • Global Food Supply
  • Food Processing Capabilities
  • Research & Development
  • Food Processing Engineering
  • Food Safety

OSI’s food processing capabilities include making battered and breaded poultry nuggets, strips and patties; pork processing in the making of sausage links, ribettes, bacon strips, bit and chips and roasted pork; and beef, poultry and pork hot dogs along with salami, pepperoni and flavored hot dogs. OSI’s food processing includes breaded foods and fresh vegetables. The company makes soups, salsa, chili, beans and sauces. They make breads: crusts for pizza, Panini, flat bread, pockets, frozen entrees, cookies and fresh dough. OSI produces fried foods like taquitos, fritters and tofu. Adding vegetables to the almost limitless number of foods, OSI can also produce fresh lettuce, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn and fruit.

OSI research and development departments in the test kitchens in each plant devise new and different methods for preserving and delivering edible, fresh and healthy food supplies around the world. Whether it be processing, packaging or logistics, the R&D department scrambles to resolve the dilemma creatively and satisfactorily. It the job of OSI’s R&D department to take a food companies idea and turn it into a marketable item. The department takes everything into consideration: appearance, taste and sensory analysis, cost, ingredients and nutrition, shelf life and cost reduction. Ensuring brand security, OSI works hard to protect the food safety and quality of ingredients with best-in-class process control and good supply chain practices.

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