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Revolutionizing the Dental Industry with MB2 Dental

Rarely do people venture into private practice without the focus on profit margins. However, it was not the case for Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva when he formed MB2 Dental. His core goal was to bring change and a new dimension to the dentistry field. Dr. Chris is an active practitioner with a vision of enhancing dentistry both in the private and public sector. Having spent time in both sectors, he understood the requirements necessary to start a practice without compromising the profession. Dr. Villanueva realized that practitioners in the dental industry required specialized assistance to run their facilities. With that in mind, he founded MB2 Dental that sought to help dental practitioners with no strings attached. Since its foundation, MB2 has supported practitioners in over 70 location in six states.

While at it, the institution has created over 533 job opportunities. MB2 focuses on autonomy, support, and personal development. As such, it’s able to help practitioners make improvements that go further to help the patients.The idea of starting the institution developed after graduation. Dr. Villanueva faced two options. Join a large practice and benefit from economies of scale or venture into private practice and benefit from less bureaucracy. It was then that he decided to start an institution that combined the best of both worlds. As a result, MB2 was founded. Dr. Villanueva finds calm in the night. It’s at this time when he is able to think creatively and come up with the best ideas. He has learned to surround himself with brighter people.

That way, he is always learning. One of the things Dr. Villanueva would do if he were to re-live his life afresh is to build infrastructure earlier than later. On the other hand, he says that the best thing for an entrepreneur to do is have time for self-reflection.MB2 Dental taps into the energy of working together to achieve the end goals easily. They have formulated and adopted management networks that are nothing like the traditional practices. Also, by adopting the practice trends and observing the standards, they have propelled practitioners a notch higher into the future of dentistry. Through the institution, dentists learn from each other and retain autonomy. On the other hand, the expert teams dive in to help dentists to overcome matters involving marketing challenges, payroll, and any legal matter among many others. Once in a year, they enjoy a retreat where they engage with like-minded dentists. As of today, MB2 has revolutionized the dental industry.

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