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Ronald Fowlkes: An American Hero Who Also Enjoys Hockey

Ronald Fowlkes is not your average American hero who serviced the United States while being a part of the Army, no he is not! He also is a major hockey fanatic, and really loves to keep up with the NHL and the major hockey team’s wins and losses. You can keep up with his hockey discussion that is never-ending on his blog, here he “tweets” updates about some of his favorite hockey teams, and the game in general, who has been drafted and whatnot, as well as sometimes others sports and Olympics news. Beware though, once you read his enthusiasm is quite infectious, and you can’t help but also start to like hockey, and be interested in the sport and all the teams that go along with it!

In addition to his enthusiasm for the sport of hockey, Fowlkes also served, as mentioned in the United States Army. He has received extensive training in using tactical rifles and other weapons. Fowlkes is also a United States veteran, who served this nation in the First Gulf War. He has had more than 13 years of experience working in Law Enforcement as well. Fowlkes served in the St. Louis Police Department, as well as the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. He is a certified teacher of teaching individuals on the proper way to operate a tactical rifle, as well as different shooting methods, such as shoot house, using defensive tactics, as well as SWAT/URBAN warfare tactics. He has also worked in a part of a Unit which served as a WMD Response Team and Civil Disobedient Team, which helped keep gang activity and violence in dangerous neighborhoods under control. Fowlkes also was a part of the Marine Corps of the United States from the years 1989 to 1993. Fowlkes also attended Marine Combat Training at the Marine Corps School of Infantry plus was enrolled in a Basic Engineer course, took a basic course in ANGLICO (which stands for: Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company), as well as received other trainings making him well equipped to take on this role at the company.

To add to his very impressive resume, Fowlkes is currently serving as the Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement and Commercial products being sold at the large tactical product company, Eagle Industries Unlimited. Eagle Industries Unlimited is an extremely large company that boasts an inventory of more than 5000 tactical products including: belts, slings, armor, cases, harnesses, and more tactical items which can’t all be mentioned. The company employs more than 150 personnel and staff which Fowlkes is in charge of training and getting ready for their roles/positions. Fowlkes’ other role at the company includes selecting and finding new products to place for sale with the company. Fowlkes is a major factor of why Eagle Industries Unlimited thrives as such a successful and well-known tactical products company today.


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